Weekly Affirmation: On Seeking Balance

Sundays are often a day of reflection of the week prior and preparation for the week ahead. An honest evaluation of myself, my family, and career helps in determining goals for the upcoming days ahead. An affirmation is a statement, or declaration, to yourself about your own personal goals. This week, I am seeking balance in my life. In order to find this balance I will need to be purposeful with my time, energy, and focus.

Weekly Affirmation:

Actively seek to create balance in my time, energy, and focus of self, family, and work.

Tips for actively creating balance: Read More

Growing on the Go: My Favorite Apps and Podcasts

  Since my second child was ┬áborn, I find very little time to read books and catch up on the magazines I used to love so much. I’m left with small amounts of time in the car, or waiting in a doctor’s office to read up on news or update myself on the latest in psychology and parenting.... [Read more]

Calming Down Visualization for Little Truck Lovers

My son is a huge fan of all types of truck or work vehicle- garbage trucks, tractors, big trucks, emergency vehicles, and especially fire trucks. His favorite book, which we read every night (yes, I can recite it by heart!) is called “Dig, Dig, Digging” by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe.... [Read more]

Setting Limits Using If/Then/Choose Statements

Learning to set clear and effective limits is one of the most important techniques a parent can learn. I took my kids a the Home Depot workshop recently and my son was so excited that he was running up and down the isles. While I love to see him having fun, it was not safe to run wild with so many crowds... [Read more]

Healthy Habits for Healthy Minds

No matter what issues challenge you or your family (anxiety, depression, behavior, etc), there are some useful practices for all people, of all ages and stages, to keep in mind when it comes to good mental health.These are not necessarily new ideas, yet many people still underestimate the impact these... [Read more]

New Play Therapy Supply Store- Free Gift Card Giveaway Here!

I was excited to hear about a new play therapy supply store recently launched- www.playtherapysupply.com! Their inventory is growing daily and the owners are so excited to spread the word they have generously donated a $25 gift card to one lucky reader of Kim’s Counseling Corner! You have between... [Read more]

Life Would be Boring without Toys!

The best quote of the year in my play room so far: A 6 year old little girl playing and surrounded by a doctor kit, cash register, marbles, musical instruments, and and more… Little girl: “What would life be like without toys?” Me: “Hmm, that’s a very interesting question.” Little... [Read more]

The Still Face Experiment: How Your Expressions Affect Your Child

The Still Face Experiment by Dr. Edward Tronick remains one of the most fascinating videos I have watched in my career. In this short 2.5 minute video, we first see a mother engaging with her infant in a loving and reciprocal way, and then we see the mother remove emotion from her face and not respond... [Read more]

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