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Kim Peterson

Welcome to Kingwood Counseling and Play Therapy, where compassion, experience, and individual attention lead to real change.

Kim Peterson is a licensed professional counselor in Kingwood, Texas. She provides quality counseling and play therapy in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Kim has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology and is a Registered Play Therapist. She has a range of experience and can meet the needs of a wide array of clients.

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From the Blog

Healing with Sand

Sand Art Activities to Help Children Cope with Feelings

Understanding feelings, being able to identify our feelings, and sharing our feelings are important for a person’s emotional and psychological wellness. Happy, sad, angry, proud, afraid… these are all... [Read more]

Learn about the use of a simple craft in therapy.

Using Chalkboard Signs in Therapy

 After years of conducting play therapy, I continue to find new trinkets, books, toys, and supplies that offer a little something new to our sessions. The latest and greatest are these quaint, wooden miniature... [Read more]

Therapy photo

Therapy, Digital-Age Demands, and Why Our Services Is Needed More Than Ever

I was recently forwarded an article by psychiatrist and Weill Cornell faculty member, Anna Fels, titled “Do You Google Your Shrink?.” Fels brought up several points that really connected with me and... [Read more]


Pebble Meditation Activity: Teaching Children the Art of Meditation

I came across a book on my shelf the other week that I have come to love. It’s called A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles by Nhat Hanh. Inside the pages of this charming little book, I found a few inspiring... [Read more]

Ginny Campbell, creator of Meebie, and Kim Peterson, MA, LPC-S

Expressing Emotion and Mending Wounds with Meebie

I recently got a new doll for my play therapy room, the Meebie Play Therapy Doll. I had doubts and it took me about a year after first hearing about it to finally make the purchase. Before placing eyes and hands... [Read more]