Expressing Emotion and Mending Wounds with Meebie

I recently got a new doll for my play therapy room, the Meebie Play Therapy Doll. I had doubts and it took me about a year after first hearing about it to finally make the purchase. Before placing eyes and hands on the Meebie, I imagined it to be a little smaller, and it is such an odd looking doll I wondered if the kids would even be interested. The truth is that the doll is a great size, and even a little heavy, which I love. It’s purple exterior feels both soft and silky. It’s wonderful! I even have one child who now carries Meebie to the exit of my office as far as he possibly can go before handing it back. Fellow play therapists have used this with their own kids, so I’m sure I’ll be getting one for my son and daughter soon.

Below I share some pictures of Meebie after actual sessions. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section on what you see in these images! Read More

Ideas for Building a Multicultural Play Room

As our world becomes more and more diverse, the importance of creating a space for acceptance and learning of various groups within my play therapy room, and my own children’s play room at home, grows. Many people think of multiculturalism as consisting of racial and ethnic groups only, but this... [Read more]

Fun Activity for Sizing Up Problems and Feelings

Learning to be aware of our emotional responses to challenges and problems in life is one of the most important skills we can teach ourselves and our children. I have read My Book Full of Feelings (below) with children for years and often do related activities on the dry erase board. I recently made... [Read more]

Friday Wrap Up for June 19, 2014

Better late than never, I hope you all enjoy your weekend and this week’s Friday wrap up! One Time Through’s Character Series: I love this elementary teacher and mother’s approach to teaching kids about good character. A is for Adventurous, B is for Behaved, and C is for Confident is... [Read more]

When and How To Make a Change

When people come to me for counseling, we focus on making internal changes, as well as environmental changes, to improve mental health and quality of life. For example, a child who is bringing home poor grades and described as not paying attention may need to sit away from their friends or get glasses... [Read more]

Communication Tips for Divorced/Separated Parents

 In my work as a therapist, I find co-parenting to be one of the most difficult challenges for many divorced and separated parents. Whether the relationship ended in conflict or agreement, raising a child separately can prove to be highly stressful. Whether communication is difficult for parents or... [Read more]

Back to School Posts and Handout

Today is a big day for kids and parents in my small part of the world-school has started! I’ve written many posts over the years that are applicable this time of year and linked them below. Another important factor in a child’s success is informing their new teachers about their special... [Read more]

Helping Transitions for Kids Go A Little Smoother

At one time or another, most parents, child care workers, therapists, and teachers have experienced the challenges of getting a child to transition from one activity to another. Depending on the child’s personality type or special needs, the difficulty level can vary from one child to the next.... [Read more]

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