Hello to all my friends and readers! Wow, it has been so much time since I last posted and I’m very happy to be writing once again.

Change, change, change

There have been an incredible number of changes in and around my life this year. While I am undecided on what and how much I will share, I can tell you that I am filled to the brim with new information, perspective, and goals!

One of the biggest changes is moving to Dallas, TX! Leaving Houston meant closing my private practice- one that I loved dearly and devoted a lot of time and nurturing to. I still think of my clients today, wishing them well and really missing those relationships.

Also, If you’re a regular to my site, I bet you’ve noticed Kim’s Counseling Corner has a brand new look! I mention below that I am ready to offer a more personal aspect to my posts on the blog. Therefore, I felt compelled to make my blog reflective of my own style and personality as well. I hope you enjoy 🙂

I’m a homeschool mom now (yep!)

I never thought I would ever say those words. A year ago, I told my husband I would absolutely be miserable being home every day and homeschooling… I’m pretty sure God looked down and laughed, saying “We will see about that my child…” So, here I am today writing to you from a transformed angle on life and parenting, and I must tell you… I love homeschooling my kids! Quite the variation of my previous profile of homeschool ( picturing a scattered mom at home caring for hyper, unstructured kids all day), we stay active, busy, and happy. I am learning about my kids (and children in general) in a whole new light. Before I make this a page long, I’ll save the rest for it’s own blog post. In summary, aside from having less money, I feel wealthy in the experiences I am having with my family now.

Blogging as an LPC (yikes, let me help you with that)

I am especially excited to get back to blogging because I have decided to open myself up again. When I first started this blog, I shared quite a bit with readers on a personal level, such as special moments with my children. As the site grew, along with my private practice, I felt pulled more and more to post for pinterest, ads, etc. My heart ached to connect on a deeper level, but I hesitated because, well, I’m a therapist, and therapists should not share too much in case their clients read. It’s a common conundrum many mental health professionals find themselves in. I have done a lot of introspection and reading on this issue and will share my own personal journey, research and convictions on how to present myself as both a blogger and Licensed Professional Counselor, being both vulnerable and cognizant at the same time.

Building a practice from the ground up (again)

I definitely plan on going back to work, 2-3 days to start, and building a private practice. I miss clients, calls, play therapy, and so on. The journey of building a private practice is one that you can’t always fully prepare for, yet just jump in with both feet. I’ll share my journey with you, from networking in a new area, to finding an office, and finally seeing clients. Please share any questions you have with me… if I don’t know I am confident I can find the answer!

What about therapeutic activities?

I realize that the most popular topic on this site is sharing new activities, crafts, and games. I will not let you down! I am armed with new ideas, and so is the mental health community as a whole. Just visit my Pinterest page for a hint of what ideas are out for you to see!

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