Advertising and Sponsorship

Do you want to reach a wider audience? Are your products or services relevant to topics within parenting, children, or psychology? Kim’s Counseling Corner offers advertising spots and sponsorship, allowing companies and promoters to reach visitors. Kim’s Counseling Corner receives over 30,000 visits per month, reaching mental health professionals, toy stores, authors, parents, and more.

Blog and Link Promotions

I hear frequently from people hoping to promote a new product, service, or website. I am happy to review or try out products pertaining to the subjects on this site. I gladly accept free items or copies, but cannot guarantee any product promotions. I will definitely pay attention to the item sent or link requested and post if I feel it is relevant. I am also open to giveaways to make the site fun for readers. Just contact me for more info!
** Please note that requests for links on the resources are on a waitlist for me to review and post. I save every email and will be working through the list diligently! 🙂

Amazon Affiliation
I am a proud affiliate of and many of the products I use are purchased from their website. I will share these products and services with readers from time to time. However, you can remain confident that I post only items that are relevant, I have personally used, and would even share with my family and best friends!

Last but not least… Join the Discussion!
One of the best ways to get you name and product out there is to join the discussion of blog posts regularly. As long as your comment, plug, product, or service is relevant and helpful to my audience, I will approve the comment. Have fun!