Quick Tip for Attention Seeking Behaviors


If you are trying to get chores or cooking done, but your little one is constantly under your feet, pulling your clothes, or acting out nearby, they may be desperately trying to get your attention.

Try this:

1. Stop

Stop for a moment and bend down at eye level with your child.

2. Reassure

Say, “I can see you want mommy’s attention right now. I will be done in ten minutes and then we can play together.” Follow this up with a warm hug and accepting smile. Your child feels reassured by your attention and will hopefully calm down a bit while they excitedly wait for their special time with you.

3. Finish and Play

When you’re done with whatever you were doing, spend some quality time with your child. Remember, you are someone’s world so be sure to keep that promise!




Originally posted 2012-04-17 17:42:44.

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