My Favorite Things: the Meebie Doll

Created by preschooler with anxiety and aggression who claimed to be feeling happy to be at their therapy session.

Meebie Doll

Previously, I shared a post on Meebie with Play & Therapy Packs by Orchid Toys.

The post was titled “Expressing Emotion and Mending Wounds with Meebie,” and it explained the benefits of using the Meebie Doll during play therapy with children.

However, I’m trying to post more videos for a better view of the items, so I’m adding to my previous post a video of my Meebie doll.

It’s still a popular item in my playroom well after a year has passed!

Check out the video below!


  • Sarah Winter

    Hi Kim,

    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing resource! I went ahead and bought one myself and can’t wait to use it. I really appreciate all the useful tools you post, especially these videos. Thanks again!