“Very Special Building” Exhibit and Interpretation of Real Play Session

real-play-session-very-special-buildingLet’s face it, there is a huge difference in learning about a skill or technique (ie play therapy) by reading online versus doing or witnessing in person.

In the video below, I present a scene from a real play session, which I title “Very Special Building” after the child’s description.

Many of my readers are either therapists or caregivers seeking information on the therapeutic process of play therapy so I hope these posts on real sessions will be helpful. I’m hoping to bridge that gap between reading about a technique and seeing it applied in real life as much as possible.

I’ll also share the links to previous posts on toys and materials used. Please post questions and comments below!


Toys and Materials in Previous Posts:

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Let’s Go Shopping! (Links to Products as Seen in Video Above)

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Miniature Dollhouse Plates of Food, Miniature Dollhouse Baskets of Fruits and Vegetables, Miniature Dollhouse Milk Bottles,

Dollhouse Miniature First Aid Container

Miniature Grgoyles (4-inch)

Christian Religious Miniature Kit, Additional Christian Religious Miniature Set

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  • Alva

    Thank you Kim! This was great and very helpful. I sometimes struggle with identifying themes.

  • Love your last couple of posts. I am still under supervision for play therapy and continue to learn daily. I love it. This video was very insightful for me being new to understanding themes in play and learning to interpret the play.