Unique, Inexpensive, or DIY Ideas for a Play Therapy or Child’s Room

ideas-for-playroomsPutting together a play therapy room or a play therapy kit is part of the fun of being a play therapist and working with kids. And since I’m a mom too, I can use all of these to put together my own kid’s room. I’ve seen a lot of great ideas, many inexpensive, for use in a play therapy room, and I wanted to share some of these ideas with you. If you have any other suggestions or links, please share with the rest of us!

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Making a dollhouse from a cardboard box is an inexpensive idea for a portable play therapy kit!

Using a dresser as a dollhouse! There’s storage for all the accessories and dolls underneath!

Dollhouses made from bookshelves! Click to see more ideas for bookshelf dollhouses.

Sand Trays and Sensory Tables

DIY Sand Tray from IKEA nightstand! Blogger says:

This cute DIY sensory table was made from an IKEA nightstand turned upside down with one of the shelves taken out and a bin inserted in its place.  Just fill the bin up with sand, beans, water or anything else you can think of for a (somewhat) contained way for your child to play with otherwise messy items.

Another DIY sand tray using even less expensive items, including a plastic bin and metal legs. This mom uses rice, but you could also use sand.


I’m in love with this sand tray room!! I just think it looks beautiful, clean, and inviting.


Real Life Play

A DIY medical kit from items around your home. Another idea for an inexpensive tool in therapy!


A crafty idea to turn an old entertainment center into a play kitchen.


This picture shows clothes hung on a ladder, but I think this would be great in a play therapy room to display dress-up clothes; it would take up less space than some of the other clothing racks I’ve seen!


Puppet Theaters and Puppets

This puppet theater was made from an old bookshelf.


This theater is made from a foam board and will take up less space and is more portable.


Art and Creativity Centers

A chalkboard on the wall or behind the door is a good spot for drawing that doesn’t take up much space.


Fantasy Play

I don’t have a pirate ship in my playroom YET, but I can see how this could be excellent for eliciting therapeutic fantasy play!

Safe Places

If you have the room in your play therapy room or child’s room, a teepee would be a great addition and is simple to make. Any kid would feel safe and secure in this small space, yet it is still open enough so they are not hidden from your sight (if you are in a play therapy room).

Organization and Display

This is about the size of most playrooms, and I like the arrangement of the toys. Click to read the entire blog post, which is all about organizing and worth the read!


  • Gabriela Rodli

    I love those ideas!! I never thought of it before, turning an entertainment center into a kitchen! Great post 🙂

  • Really great collection of ideas. I’m trying to turn my girls new shared bedroom (2 1/2 and 7 months) into a “creative and quiet play” space (i.e. no batteries, screens, buttons etc.) just items that promote either quiet play or imaginative play- dollhouse, sand table, dress up, puzzles, make-believe. Thank you for giving me such great ideas for them to enjoy!

    • What a great project! I have a 19 month and 8 week old and plan to do the same thing in the next year. Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  • Me too! Thanks for commenting!

  • Jen Kryzanowski, LPC-I

    Wow! I did my practicum and internship working with kids. I recently got my license and I’m always looking for great ideas in terms of child therapy. This site gave me some great ideas! Just when I thought I was running out of ideas, I found this site! Thank you!!!

    • Awesome Jen!! I’m glad to hear you found some useful tools and thanks for sharing your comment!

  • Thanks for stopping by Alex!

  • Great post. I aɑm dealing witҺ sme of tthese issues as well..

  • Jamie

    These are all fabulous ideas! I am a beginner play therapist and I’m just beginning to put together my sand tray miniatures and play room. I am definitely going to be visiting this blog from time to time! Thanks so much!

    • Thank you Jamie!! I’m just getting back into blogging again after a little break and have some good tips to share with you! 🙂