Game Collection

Totika Self Esteem Game is one of my favorite therapy tools to use with kids who are seven and older. I even recommend parents buy this game to play with the whole family. It is similar to Jenga, except it comes with questions that you answer between each piece that is pulled from the tower. I’m sure my fellow therapists out there are familiar with this one and hopefully they have had as much success as I have.

Anger Bingo for Teens: An Engaging and Educational Game About Anger and Ways to Manage It – So who doesn’t need games and other tools to help teens deal with their anger, right? I can’t count how many times I sat in my office with a struggling teen, not yet ready to open up, not completely understanding their emotions, and wishing for something/someone to sweep them from their vulnerability. Games such as this were a way to help them understand some things about their anger, triggers, symptoms, and consequences. Anger Bingo is a game that also helps to normalize the anger enough so that my client can approach the topic from a safe distance. Great game if you don’t have it.

Cybersmart Dominos– I actually did a post on this game last year. You can view that here to understand the value in investing in a game on cyber safety. Good game!

Go Fish: Set of 6 Card Games (Catch and Release Your Anger; Hooked On Friendship; Fishing for Feelings; Catch Good Character; Reel in Responsibility; Cast Away Conflict)
I have a couple of these card games and I am so happy to have them as part of my tool collection. They are simple and easy to store, yet still packed with good learning and exploring opportunities for our kiddos.


My Two Homes– definitely another favorite! I have used this game with children of divorced and separated parents on many occasions, both in sibling sessions, parent-child sessions, and individual sessions. My favorite thing about My Two Homes is how informative the cards supplied for the game are for players. Like many others, I am thrilled to see clients gain confidence through knowledge, but also to gain insight from triggers that arise when playing a game on such a topic.

The Original Uno Cards

Self-Calming Cards

Temper Tamers In a Jar®: Helping Kids Cool Off and Manage Anger Mad Dragon: An Anger Control Card Game