Therapeutic Games

Therapeutic Games

Use Your I’s Boardgame

This is a great game to play with school-age children. In this game, kids are encouraged to communicate their feelings and needs in an appropriate way. It also has feelings faces throughout the game to give them an opportunity to talk about when they may have felt or experienced that feeling with others. I have played Use Your I’s individually and with a parent present.



Totika is one of my favorite therapy tools to use with kids who are seven and older. I even recommend parents buy this game to play with the whole family. It is similar to Jenga, except it comes with questions that you answer between each piece that is pulled from the tower. I’m sure my fellow therapists out there are familiar with this one and hopefully they have had as much success as I have. This game can be purchased online at or for around $20.

Child Therapy Toys and Games

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