Therapy and Self-Help Worksheets


Therapy and Self-Help Worksheets

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Categories: Below are links to worksheets online and PDF versions of worksheets I have collected over time. I have categories of therapeutic approaches, such as CBT, as well as problems and issues, such as anxiety. Many of the worksheets could probably go into more than one category, but there are no duplicate links here.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Training in ACT (multiple worksheets and tools)

The Happiness Trap Worksheets

ACT and Love (Relationships)

ACT Client Handouts

Assessing Psychological Inflexibility

Goal Setting and Committed Action


Thoughts and Behavior Worksheet

Making Choices Worksheet

Making Choices using Red and Green

Good Behavior Chart Princess

Good Behavior Chart Basketball

Behavior Contract

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

CBT Self-Help Course (40 page Adobe)

Eating Disorders

Positive Psychology Keeping Weight In Check

Mood and Anxiety Management

Am I Getting Burned Out Checklist

Identify Feelings Worksheets

How Do I Feel Today?

How are we Feeling Worksheet

How are They Feeling Flashcards

Feelings Word Search

Feelings Matching Game

Feeling Flashcards using Emoticons


Conflict Resolution Worksheets

Allowance Saving Chart

Overcoming Perfectionism Modules

Positive Psychology

Three Good Things

Recalling Flow Experiences (being in the zone)

Positive Traits

Positive Experiences

Personal Strengths and Qualities

Forgiveness Letter

15-Minute Bounce Back from Stress and Anxiety

Identify and Deal With Negative Beliefs

Reframing the Situation

Bedtime Blessings

Reframing: Sugar vs. Lemon


Eliminating Grudges

Positive Coping with Health Conditions

The Smile Experiment

Relationships/ Couple’s Therapy

My Partner’s Qualities

Relationship Building: Shared Qualities

Self-Esteem, Confidence, Assertiveness

Improving Assertiveness (10 printable modules)